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2024-04-10 12:00 2024-05-12 23:59 Call for projects 2024 for the Hungarian civil society

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Call for projects 2024 for the Hungarian civil society

Du 10 avril 2024 à 12:00 au 12 mai 2024 à 23:59

The French Embassy in Hungary and the French Institute in Budapest are launching a call for projects to promote human rights and support civil society organisations in Hungary. This call for projects aims to co-finance projects initiated by Hungarian NGOs and to help strengthen their capacities.

Eligible organisations

Organisations eligible for this call for projects are non-profit, non-governmental organisations registered in Hungary and active on Hungarian territory. Each organisation may submit one or more projects.

Priority themes for supported projects

Any project led by a non-governmental organisation as defined above is eligible for this call for projects.

Priority will be given to projects focusing on the following themes:

  • Rule of law: fight against corruption, freedom of the press and media education, access to legal assistance and justice.
  • Minority rights: fight against discrimination, protection of the rights of Roma communities and refugees (particularly Ukrainian refugees), social inclusion of minorities and foreign workers.
  • Combating human trafficking: defending the rights of vulnerable people against sexual exploitation, forced labour, etc.
  • Women's rights and gender equality: empowering female leadership, combating gender-based and sexual violence.
  • Rights of LGBTQI+ community: legal and social assistance for victims of violence or discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation.
  • Protection of children's rights: access to education, combating all forms of violence and exploitation of minors.
  • Sustainable development: support for the ecological transition of local authorities, awareness-raising initiatives and educational activities about climate issues.

Projects may include advocacy initiatives, awareness-raising campaigns, training, empowerment workshops, communication campaigns, conferences, cultural activities, etc.

Funding conditions

Each selected organisation will receive co-financing of up to 1,000 €. Beneficiaries are therefore invited to seek other sources of funding. The grant will be paid in one sum, after signature of the grant decision.

The material and human resources required to implement the projects may be valued as their own funding. However, administrative costs such as the organisation's running costs (salaries, office rental, etc.) must not exceed 50% of the total budget.

Projects must be initiated in 2024 and completed by 31 December 2024. They must mention the support provided by the French Institute and the French Embassy in Hungary in their communication materials.

The selected organisations must keep the French Institute and the French Embassy in Hungary regularly informed of the progress of their projects. A report on the use of funds and the implementation of the project must be submitted by 31 January 2025.

Selection criteria

The selected organisations will be chosen by a jury made up of members of the French Institute and the French Embassy in Hungary. It will be based on the following criteria:

  • Suitability with at least one of the themes suggested in the call for projects;
  • Impact of the project: identified objectives, target beneficiaries, sustainability of results;
  • Budgetary and technical feasibility of the project within the given timeframe;
  • Possibility of making the project sustainable;
  • Relevance of the project in light of current affairs and the European geopolitical context;
  • Consistency of the project with the organisation's overall strategy.

Particular attention will be paid to inclusive projects that involve minority groups, that consider gender equality and sustainable development approaches, as well as projects with a European perspective.

Cooperation with French public authorities or NGOs is a plus. The French Institute and the French Embassy in Hungary can help the selected organisations to find French-Hungarian partnerships.

Application process

Applications must contain the following elements:

  • A completed application form in accordance with the template provided;
  • A detailed budget in accordance with the template provided;
  • A grant application letter addressed to Mr Pierre Pedico, Cooperation and Cultural Adviser for the French Embassy in Hungary, using the template provided;
  • A copy of the organisation's articles of association;
  • A copy of the organisation's certificate of registration with the relevant court;
  • The organisation's bank details: an official and recent bank document issued by a banking institution containing IBAN, address and account number of the association, name and address of the bank, SWIFT code (e.g. bank statement).

Applications must be submitted electronically in English in PDF format by 12 May 2024 at 23:59 to the following address:

Only complete applications will be examined. A confirmation of receipt will be sent once the applications have been received.

Applicant organisations undertake to provide reliable and accurate information. The transmission of false information may lead to the disqualification of the application or to a request for the return of the funding granted if this is established after the jury's deliberations.

Applicants will be notified of the results by 31 May 2024. The jury's decision is final.


Requests for information can be sent by e-mail to or by telephone on +36 1 489 42 73.

2024-04-10 12:00 2024-05-12 23:59 Call for projects 2024 for the Hungarian civil society

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