French courses

autumn term 2023

Online registration and orientation test from 21 August 2023

The French Institute offers French courses, from beginner to advanced level, for all ages.

  • Standard courses (40 classes)

10-week course I 3 hours/week
online or in-person classes
Classes per level, group of 12 students maximum per class
Qualified French tutor

  • Intensive courses (40 classes)

5-week course I 6 hours/week
online classes only
Classes per level, group of 12 students maximum per class
Qualified French tutor

1 class= 45 min

Our level system is available here

Our 10 week sessions :

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • September – December

Our 5 week sessions :

  • January - February
  • February - March
  • March - April
  • April - May
  • May - June
  • September - October
  • October - November
  • November - December

+ Summer intensive courses (40 classes/ 2 or 3 week courses)

  • July
  • August

Next session

September - December
Registration is only possible online.

1. If you are a complete beginner, fill in our online form and choose the slot that suits you.

2. If you have already learned French: first, fill in the level test below, then fill in our online form and in the section "Válasszon csoportot | Choose a course": choose orientation test done.

3. If you have already studied at the French Institute in the year preceding your current application, you do not need to fill in the level test, nor the online pre-registration form. Simply indicate your intention to re-enrol by emailing

Online registration and orientation test from 21 August 2023

Level test


Standard courses

40 unit course - online or in-person classes
All levels: A1-C1
Cours extensifs        
10 weeks
2x2 or
1x4 units
per week
9.00, 17.00, 18.45
20 september -
2 december
6 - 16
66 000 HUF
Tue - Thu
9.00, 17.00,
21 september - 
30 november
Fri 13.30,
22 september-
24 november
9.00, 13.00
26 september-
25 november


Intensive courses

 40 unit course - online classes




4x2 units / week
25 September-
26 October
By 20 September
66 000 HUF
6 November-
7 December
By 27 October
66 000 HUF

To see the list of courses, please click here

Rates applicable as of 01/09/2022 and subject to change.

one class = 45 minutes

Teaching material: the French material used for the large adolescent/adult courses is Cosmopolite. To skim through the manual, click here.

The price of the course books is not included in the price of the course. You can buy / order them from the Librairie Latitudes

For more information, you can reach them at the following number: +36 1 488 04 29

Our Approach

We offer a friendly and stimulating environment to help you gain confidence in French. The emphasis is on communication, both oral and written, through active student participation. All classes are conducted in French.


If you are not a complete beginner in French, you must take a level test to register. The level test will only be available online.

The number of participants in face-to-face courses is 10-12 people maximum depending on the room. The minimum number of participants is 6 per group. Below this number, the Language Centre reserves the right not to run the course.

For distance learning courses, we use the Zoom platform. To participate, you will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. The special distance learning help guide can be downloaded here.

All registrations are considered final once the course has been paid for.

For more information see the rules.